Best Dash Camera for Road Trip   Record Memories, Evidence & Vlogs

Join the Growing Number of Drivers Who Record VIDEOS on the Road with their Dash Camera…

Whether you’re looking for a dashboard camera, aka dash camera or dash cam, to feel safer on the road, create vLogs, or record memories, we can help you.

We’ll guide you through our research about dash cams, their features, and how they are used for different recording styles. That way, you’ll make an informed choice on your new dash camera gear.

Start by reviewing our easy-to-follow information guides below that explain ways to use a dash camera…

How to Use a Dash Cam on the Road

1. Dash Cam to Record Memories (Road Trip Videos)

Best Dash Cam for MemoriesIn our 1st How-to, we show you the key features of the best dash cam recorder to get for your vehicle.


Maybe you’re a newbie and just looking for a dash cam to get so you can record memories for your own personal video library. Nothing too fancy, but good quality…


Family vacation videos are always fun to watch. Adding video recordings of all your road trips to your library of precious memories is just the beginning.

2. Dash Cameras for Your Protection (Video Evidence)

Best Dash Cameras for Protection

Then, in this 2nd How-to, we’ll review the key features of the best dash cam for your protection.


Are you a commercial vehicle or a semi-truck driver? Or maybe you drive for Uber or Lyft? And you’re here today searching for a dash camera to provide video evidence in case of accidents or disputes?


You want something more than words to defend yourself in court…


This is only one reason why someone might want a dash cam for protection. All you need to do is watch the nightly news, and you’ll find more cases when someone’s dash cam comes in handy.

3. Dash Cameras for vLogging (Videos of Yourself)

Best Dash Cam for VLoggingAnd in the 3rd How-to, you’ll see the key features of the best dash cam for VLoggers.


We can also help you find the most popular dash cam for vLogging your road trips. Nothing too expensive but good for creating VLog content…


Look, we know that nowadays vlogging is trending, and personal videos are hot on YouTube.


Some people have gained popularity through their personal videos.


Sharing your road trip videos could attract attention and followers, not to mention that sponsors might want to pay you to talk about their products.


It’s incredible how many people love watching vLog videos about everyday life. You can create your own reality TV episodes that include your trips and commutes. See how you can record yourself while driving with the best in car camera.

Best Dash Cameras for Beginners wants to make choosing a dash camera easy…


We monitor trends on which dash cameras people like most and want to save you time by sharing this vital information with our readers.


Here are a couple of the hottest cameras on the market for beginners.


Rexing V1 Vs. Rexing V1 4K


best dash cam under 150


Both BESTSELLERS are superior cameras in their price range…


First, we have the Rexing V1 Basic Dash Cam, our best pick camera under $50. If you’re starting off, then the V1 is a low-cost choice that will work well for recording casual road trips and work commutes.


Second, we have the Rexing V1 4K Ultra HD Dash Cam, which is our best pick dash cam for under $100. The Rexing V1 4K is a higher-priced camera because it has more advanced features such as higher-quality video, heat resistant capacitor, and discreet recording.


The extra features make the V1 4K better suited for vlogging and creating movies for social media. But if you’re only looking for the basics, the V1 works fine.


Or you can check out the list below for more guides and options.

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Conclusion: How Will You Use Your Dash Cam?

  1. Safety – Now, you can finally start feeling secure while driving in busy traffic.
  2. Fame – If you’re a vlogger, then you can add new, unique content to your VLog and YouTube videos that energize your channel.
  3. Fun – And finally, your home videos can now include all the fun you have on those long trips and vacations.

We’ve covered a lot. But if you still want more information, then you’ll enjoy what’s coming next.

Learn about dash cam features and benefits.

Review our Dash Cameras Basic Feature Guide and learn about the different features, such as night vision, wide-angle lenses, motion detection, etc., so you know which dash cameras are right for you…

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