The Best Dash Cam To Get (Start Here)

Best Dash Cam To GetHow-to Pick A Dash Camera…
Step by Step Plan

If you’ve been searching for the best dash cam to get and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by all the choices, then you’re in the right place.

Regardless of why you want to get a dash cam. Whether you want to record videos of trips, vacations, or you just want one, we’re here to help you.

In this how-to guide, we’ll look at how to choose the best dash cam to get for making a video from your car, truck, work vehicle, motorcycle or motorhome.

Quick Tip: Our favorite all-around best dash cam to get is the Rexing V1 (see V1 images and benefits below)

Best Dash Cam To Get - Rexing V1 Car Dash CamI. Dash Cam Features

Now depending on the reason you want a dash cam, there are basic and advanced features that you can get.

For example, to start, we recommend getting a dash cam that includes:

  1. HD Video – HD Video 1080P or 2K is important just in case you decide someday to start a VLog or if you want to post your videos on YouTube or Facebook.
  2. Wide Angle Lens – Having a wide angle lens is important if you want to record a wider view of what’s in front of your vehicle. Some cameras can record 170 degrees, whereas others are limited to 140 degrees.
  3. Multiple Lens – You may want to record traffic in the front and rear of your car. Having a dual lens dash cam can do this. You’ll mount one camera on the front windshield and the other somewhere on the rear window.

Best Dash Cam to Get for My CarThese are only a few of many more features you might want to include on your dashcam. Our bestseller lists will help you with more technical details.

But you can get dash cams with GPS, WiFi, Remote Controls, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Software Apps, and many other advanced features.

To learn more about basic features please see our Dash Cam Beginners Guide.

In a moment, we’ll point you towards our bestseller lists that our researcher has created with an algorithmic system and let you decide which is the best dash cam to get based on price, reviews, and ratings.

Our system works great and people usually find the dash cam they want. pretty fast..

Ready to save a lot of time or would you rather sift through 100s of product pages on Amazon?

II. Review Bestsellers

We have a bestseller list for anyone that really wants to get a dash cam.

Now, it’s time to pick your camera and order it. The sooner to decide, the sooner you’ll install it. Click on a list…

Best Dash Cam to Get for Night RecordingIII. Make Videos

We’ve created bestsellers lists for most types of vehicles so hopefully, you found a dash cam that suits your needs?

If not, give the lists another try until you find something you feel has the features you want at the price you want.

Then, when you’ve found a camera you like, order it so it’s not delayed more than a couple of days.

Wow, picture yourself unboxing your new dash cam and then installing it. You’ll enjoy recording videos of your trips and commutes in no time.

Let’s start wrapping up. Now here’s a quick review of the plan.

  1. We discussed why installing a dash cam is a good idea for recording trips and vacations.
  2. Then, we went over a few of the more important features you might want on your dash cam.
  3. Finally, we shared our lists of bestsellers to help you decided which is the best dash cam to get.

Final Tip: Our favorite all-around best dash cam to get is the Rexing V1

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