Best Dash Cam for RV Living

Best Dash Cam for RV

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I spent 20 years living in Yuma, Arizona, where over 150,000 winter visitors gather yearly in motorhome parks. Yup, I’ve seen my share of RV accidents on the road.

I understand your challenges and know why you’re searching for the best dash cam for RV living.

You found someone who totally agrees with your need.

Having a dash cam rolling isn’t a luxury. It’s a must-have, especially when you’re pulling your POV behind your motorhome in rush-hour traffic.

We know driving can get hectic fast, and you never know when some bozo in a small car or motorcycle will come up along your blind spot and then cut in front of you.

Listen, I’ve seen it happen many times driving the frontage roads, especially in the foothills near all the RV parks.

Coming home from work one day, I saw a fistfight break out at a stoplight between a guy in a pickup and another in an RV. I guess the guy in the motorhome didn’t move fast enough when the light turned green, so the guy in the pickup truck got mad and got violent.

That’s when having a good DVR with a wide view lens comes in handy.

You may not be able to stop someone from cutting you off, but if you get it on video, then it’s easier for you to explain what happened if there’s an accident.

Best Dash Cam For RV LivingVideo Record All Your Close Calls

Protecting yourself from other drivers isn’t the only reason you want a dashcam for your motorhome.

How often have you seen something happen on the road where you wished you had pictures or videos?

Now, instead of just telling the story, you can show them the video of what actually happened.

That’s right – think about all the close calls that have happened out in the boondocks when animals ran out in front of your RV.

Or when someone’s vehicle caught fire – or all the wrecks that took place right in front of you while you were driving.

You probably have a million stories to tell, but no video or pictures.

We compiled a list of the 10 best dash cams for RV living to help you find a deal that works for you so you can start Vlogging your adventures…

Best Dash Cameras for MotorhomeWhat you’ll want in a good dash camera is pretty easy to find…

  • Wide view lens for capturing video to the left and right of the front of your rig.
  • Night vision for all-nighters when you’re trying to stay on schedule.
  • It is an easy-to-use operation, so you aren’t fumbling with small buttons or controls.
  • Long battery life, so you’re not stretching power cables across your dash or tangling wires with your other accessories.
  • Large storage capacity for storing a lot of video on your long trips across the country.
  • High-quality gear with all the best features at the lowest price.

Don’t worry. We’ll list cameras with a variety of features, models, and prices so you can pick the best deal.

Why You NEED a Dashcam for Your RV

Why You Need a Dashcam for Your RV
I’m often asked what some of my favorite tech gadgets for the RV are, and I’m going to show you one today. It’s a dashcam, and I want to tell you why you need one now. The dashcam I happen to use is called the windshield witness, and it fastens to the inside of the windshield with a little suction cup. Here now, I’m not necessarily selling this brand. This happens to be the one I use. I haven’t tried any of the others. I’ve had this one for several years, and I’m extremely satisfied. You can search Amazon or go online and find any windshield camera or dashcam you like, and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

But I want to tell you three reasons why you must have a dashcam. The first reason is to document your travels. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve driven down beautiful roads across North America and said I wish we had wished we could remember what this looks like, and as we watch the whole panorama playing out outside the windshield well, it helps we’ve used it to go up, and down mountains, and travel by sea Shores, and I love having access to these high-quality high-definition videos that’s the first reason number two is to document your behavior what do I mean by that well if you get in an accident don’t you want to have a record if it wasn’t your fault there was your fault that’s your problem.

But if it wasn’t your fault, you want to have a record. One day, we were driving down a road in Georgia, and two trucks, apparently having a little road rage between them, decided to pass on a two-lane road going down a hill right toward us. We were able to get out of the way.

But it was a close call, and I was glad I had documented the third reason security we were broken into outside St. Louis, Missouri, a few years ago. And I had the windshield witness camera on, and I documented the guy who broke into casing our vehicle, not only that. But this recorded audio as well. We could hear him and his accomplice as they were inside our RV, ransacking it. Our dog was in there, another dog, not both our current dogs.

But our previous dog Ty was in there, and we were really worried after we discovered theft that they may have harmed him. They didn’t. We had the audio that showed they didn’t. I provided the audio and the photograph of the guy casing the vehicle to the police, and I have to say I don’t know what happened with that or whether they ever caught him. At least nobody told me. But I was glad that I had it documented. So there you go, three reasons why it’s very easy to hook up the one I have, and most of them work the same. They have a little drop-down screen that works really well on it.

So you can see what you’re looking at from the driver’s seat or the front of the vehicle. It has a little SD card here. This is the memory card that records it all on my camera. Many of them will record for as long as 12 hours, and that’s really great because you can document the whole day’s travel that way if you want. At the end of 12 hours, after the little memory card is filled, the windshield camera and the dashcam will then record you can see how I have set mine up inside our RV. It’s all powered by a 12-volt adapter. I’ve tried to hide the wires. One of the nice things about this dashcam, and others on the market, is its motion control. In other words, if you’re sitting in a spot that’s on, and nothing’s happening, it’ll turn itself off.

But as soon as it detects movement in front of the lens, it’ll turn on and record. That’s a great security feature if you want to leave it on while you’re away from your vehicle to ensure nobody was too close or did anything you don’t want to discover down the road. So there you are. If you need a dashcam, you can follow the links in the description below here on this video to see the one I got, or just search Amazon for dashcams, and you’ll have plenty to choose from. Do us a favor. If this video was helpful to you, please click like, also leave your comments and recommendations for other dash cams, and do me a big favor by subscribing to our RV lifestyle Channel. I’m Michael Allen.

Best Dash Cam for RV (Click the one you like!)

What is the best wireless backup camera for an RV?

128GB DVR Dash cam Audio 10.1 inch 1080P Backup Camera Monitor & Built-in Recorder for RV Truck Trailer Rear Side Front Reversing View Wired System 4 Split Large Screen Waterproof Avoid Blind Spot
  • Built-in DVR Record Video Audio Included.Included 128GB TF card:The monitor has a built in mic and built-in speakers so that not only visual but even aural information.Advanced DVR function with loop recording.It support 128GB SD card at max.The special point is that we can keep the DVR to record even we turn off the monitor.Saving the video automatically just in case,so we can find the video easily if we need.
  • 10.1 inch 1080P Monitor:Wide 10.1 inch Screen,so we can observe 100% road situation.Larger screen,safer driving.4 split screen,4 channels,4 different angles help us to get a 360 degree view.For rear,parking, front, side,left,right,hitch,turn signal view.We also can choose the monitor to display 1/2/3/4 cameras' image.We can drive confiedntly.
  • Best Friend for: RV Truck Trailer Class A Box truck semi truck Travel Trailer Horse Trailer Bus School Bus heavy duty Camper Tractor, the 5th Wheel,Motor homes.Wide voltage power input:12-36V DC Power.
  • HD 1080P Video:1920*1080 Pixel Monitor.4 CCD 1080P Cameras.Extremly HD and stable Image.HD day and night image helps us to observe everything surrounding us,avoid the blind spot.So we can drive with a pleasant mood. Makes our driving 100% safe.
  • More additional Useful Function:1.Mirror Image function 2.IP69 highly Waterproof Cameras,can work at 59°F to 176°F 3.Muti-angle adjustable bracket,so you can install it to dash or ceiling of vehicle. 4.If we want to watch the video on computer,just need to use a card reader and insert the TF card of the monitor,then we can watch it.6.We also can set up the Channel delay.7.Can keep to DVR to record even you leave the vehicle or fall to sleep,a good soldier for your safe.8.Adjustable parking lines

What are the best dash cams for motorhomes?

Next Best #1
PRUVEEO Dash Cam, 4 Channel Camera FHD 1080Px4, Front, Left, Right and Rear, Front and Rear Inside, Built in GPS WiFi, 256 GB Max, Free 128GB Card, D90-4CH
  • [4 Channel Front and Rear and Inside Dash Cam] The quad FHD 1920*1080P dash cam's 150-degree super wide-angle lens and 3 inches huge LCD screen give sharper movies and images even when traveling at high speeds, and allow you to re-watch important moments. The first dash cam can simultaneously record the front and sides of the vehicle and the two cabin cameras can freely change the recording angles and rotate left and right allowing you to record in opposite directions as well.
  • [Built-in GPS and Tracking Speed] The new D90-4CH dash camera's integrated GPS allows it to precisely pinpoint the vehicle's location, speed (KMH/MPH), time, and routes on a map in real time. Install and use the GPS player. The right side of the GPS player displays the path trajectory that has been taken and coordinates help track the precise positions of an accident, which is important for roadside help and insurance claims.
  • [Quality Night Vision and Reassuring All-Weather Monitor] The cabin cameras have an F1.8 aperture and 4 infrared lights. In addition to producing incredibly clear recordings, its image performance will be far superior to that of other dash cams at night. The three cameras also have the latest, most sensitive night vision image sensor integrated right into them, so they can capture stunning images even in pitch-black spaces at night that protect you around the clock.
  • [Cutting-Edge Chip and Compact Design] This dashcam boasts a sleek and compact design, seamlessly integrating into any vehicle interior without obstructing the driver's view. Despite its small size, it is packed with the latest technology, featuring a cutting-edge chip that ensures superior performance and functionality.
  • [Easy Installation with No Battery] With the help of the reference images in our user manual, this D90-4CH dash camera is very simple to install and use. The accompanying suction mount is simple to install in a matter of seconds on your windshield. Add an SD card and link to the power source. There is no battery included to prevent mishaps from sun exposure, hot temperatures inside the automobile, or battery damage.
Next Best #2
COOLCRAZY Dash Cam, 4K UHD Dash Camera for Cars Built-in GPS, 3.2" IPS Screen WiFi & App Dashcam, 24H Parking Mode, 170°Wide Angle Front Dashcams with 32G Card, WDR, Night Vision, G-Sensor
  • 【4K UHD Recording Mode 】The Coolcrazy N7 dash camera reduced shooting blind spots with car dash cam footage in stunning 4K high resolution.The 4K single dash cam front with super night vision and provides expansive field of view and crisp images & videos.Used ADAS to warranty safe,used the advanced sensor and 170° wide-angle lens capture the vehicle number plates and road signs ; Provides high-quality evidence record an accident.Note: Please use the car charger included in the product package.
  • 【Crystal Night Version with WDR】Dash cams adopts an ultra-large F2.0 aperture and 4 layers lens increase more light intake,In extreme dark scenarios,with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology,automatically balance exposure level.Even in the low-light and high-speed driving scenarios conditions,dashcams for cars ensures precise license plate recognition,UHD recordings,restores 4K-level details, ensuring clear night shots.
  • 【GPS Tracking,Wi-Fi & APP Control】 COOLCRAZY N7-4k dash cam has built-in GPS, which records and allows you to view real-time live speed and compass on the LCD,and records precise driving routes,locations.Car on-dash mounted cameras comes built-in 2.4G WiFi,the App suit for all Android & iOS smart phones.With our advanced dashboard camera APP,you can select the resolution: 4k/2k to record videos,download it directly to your phone,share travel scenery & highlight moments to your social media.
  • 【Accident Lock & 24/7 Parking Monitor】 ①G-sensor--Automatically record emergency situation & videos saved.Safely locked to prevent an overwrite.②Loop recording--Automatically overwrites the oldest videos with the latest ones,when TF card is full.It supports U3 Class 10 Micro SD Card,support 128 G Max (not included).③24H Record/Time Lapse-dash cam 4k capture & record to provide evidence anytime.【Note】:24H Parking Monitor(Additional Hardwire Kit Needed,Asin: B0CJY9NB6Q.
  • 【Unique Design & Easy to Use】 Dash cams for cars only takes 5-20 min from unboxing to installation.Type C port design,which is easier to plug and unplug.The dashcam front camera equipped 2 million pixels,Hidden reset button, supports 75° flexible rotation angle.3.2” IPS Screen car dash camera display without any reflection,even when traveling at high speeds,and allows you to access UHD live video.The size of the rechargeable dash cam (85mm*32.5mm*32.9mm) is exquisite appearance & hidden design.
Next Best #3
Two Lens Dash Cam with WiFi 1080P FHD Car Driving Recorder, 170° Angle Front & Inside Dashboard Camera with Night Vision G Sensor &Loop Recording, Easy to Use for Household Car
  • 【Two-Lens Full HD Recording】Capture all the action on the road with the Dash Cam featuring two high-definition lenses for front and inside views. With 1080P resolution, a wide 170° front view angle and 140° inside view angle, this camera ensures crisp and detailed footage of your driving experience from multiple perspectives.
  • 【Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity】Easily access, manage, and your footage using the Dash Cam’s built-in Wi-Fi feature. Connect to the dedicated app to view and download recordings, change settings, and memorable moments directly from your smartphone without the need to removes the memory card.
  • 【Enhanced Safe Features】Experience peaces of mind on the road with advanced safe features like Loop Recording, G-sensor technology, and Parking Monitoring. The loop recording function ensures continuous recording without worrying about storage space, while the G-sensor automatically locks footage in the event of a collision. Parking monitoring mode provides around-the-clock surveillance of your vehicle.
  • 【Superior Night Vision Technology】Capture clear and detailed footage during nighttime driving for enhanced visibility and monitoring. Additionally, the camera supports memory card expansion up to 64GB (not included) for ample storage of critical driving data.
  • 【Easy Installation and User-Friendly Operate】Set up and operate the Dash Cam effortlessly to navigate through traffic scenarios with ease. The user-friendly design ensures straightforward installation on the windshield, while allows you to focus on the road ahead.
Next Best #4
REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear, 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera for Cars, Free 32GB Card, Built-in Wi-Fi GPS, 3.16” IPS Screen, Night Vision, 170°Wide Angle, WDR, 24H Parking Mode
  • 4K+1080P DUAL RECORDING- REDTIGER brings to you F7NP dual dash cam which records video of up to Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160P)+FHD 1080P resolutions. It helps you to read the key details like road signs, vehicle number plates etc. To reduce the blind areas it has the front wide angle of 170 degree and rear wide angle of 140 degree. This helps you during unexpected circumstances like collision to retain and present evidence.
  • SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION- The driving recorder adopts an excellent optical lens with an ultra-large F1.5 aperture and 6 layers, and is equipped with HDR/WDR technology to capture important details clearly under low light conditions.
  • WiFi/SMART APP CONTROL- You just need to connect the dash cam to you smartphone APP via WiFi and then you can use the "Redtiger" app to view, playback, and manage the dash cam on your IOS or Android devices. You can also download and edit videos in the app. By just one-click you can share your travel scenery and wonderful moments with your friends and family.
  • DASH CAM WITH GPS- This dash cam has a built-in GPS and records the driving route, real-time speed, location, etc. You can track on google maps via WiFi using the App or with our Windows and Mac GPSPlayer, which will provide further additional evidence if an accident occurs.
  • RELIABLE FEATURES FOR ACCIDENT RECORDING- Even when the card is full the dash cam will continue recording with its Loop Recording feature. As soon as the G sensor detects a sudden collision, it locks and saves the collision video. It also has a 24 hours parking monitor available on the dash cam to record continuously for 24 hours with time lapse function at parking mode. Please note that a hardware kit is needed.
Next Best #5
Miden S7 2.5K Dash Cam Front and Rear,64G SD Card,1600P+1080P FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars,176°+160° Wide Angle,3.2'' IPS Screen Dashcam,G-Sensor,Loop Recording,WDR,Night Vision,24H Parking Monitor
  • 【2.5K+1080P FHD & 336°Wide Angle Dual Recording】-Miden brings you the S7 dash cam front and rear, which can record Ultra HD 2.5K (2560 x 1600P) front video + FHD 1080P rear video. It can help you read key details such as road signs and vehicle license plates more clearly, bringing you better driving pleasure and better security. This car camera is equipped with a 176° wide-angle front camera and a 160° wide-angle waterproof rear camera, recording everything you need.
  • 【3.2 Inch IPS Screen & Aluminum Alloy Case】-The large 3.2-inch full HD screen provides you with the clearest experience. The user interface on the large screen is very clear and it is very easy to operate and navigate the menus. At the same time, this dashcam is made of professional aviation aluminum alloy material. Compared to a plastic shell, our Aluminum Alloy Case not only has excellent texture, but also has a very good heat dissipation effect.
  • 【Evidence Preservation & Cyclic Recording】-Our S7 Dash Cam will continue recording even when the microSD card is full, and automatically overwrite the old video according to your needs. What's more, through technological innovation, we ensure that locked videos will not be covered, achieve seamless connection between circular videos, better preserve video evidence, and better protect your security rights and interests.
  • 【3-Axis G-Sensor & Accident Lock】-Our car camera has a high-performance G-sensor, and the sensitivity is further optimized, which can automatically record emergency situations and save the video. When the vehicle collides, the driving recorder will automatically save and lock the current video as evidence. Besides that, press the lock button to manually lock the current video, especially if you see something interesting/important on the road can also lock the footage.
  • 【Parking Monitor & Splendid Night Vision】-Our car camera features a f1.5 aperture, the industry's largest 1/2.7'' CMOS image sensor and WDR technology for better color accuracy and clarity. Whether it is day or night, it can clearly capture small details such as night driving and license plates. If your car crashes while parked, or someone tries to steal your car, the car camera will automatically turn on and start recording when it detects the vibration,providing 24h protection for your car.
Next Best #6
Dash Cam Front and Inside, 1080P FHD DVR Dash Camera for Cars, 140° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera, Car Driving Recorder with G-Sensor, Night Vision, Loop Recording, Parking Monitor, App
  • 【Dash Cam Front and Inside】 -The dash cam can record videos in front HD 1080P clearly capturing license plates and road signs. (Note: This dash cam supports dash cam recording, such as front camera + interior camera recordingn at the same time.)
  • 【24h Parking Monitor and Loop Recording】This dash cam has 24 hours parking monitor(requires purchasing a step-down line to keep the driving recorder powered on), starts recording automatically once it detects collision. And by slicing the video, we can realize the seamless connection between the looped video and better guard the video evidence.
  • 【Built-in WiFi & Support the max card 128GB 】This dash cam has built-in Hotspot WiFi for faster transfer speed. (Effective WiFi signal range is about 30ft.); You can built-in 128GB card,(Supports up to 128G cards, changed to FAT32 format), convenient to store the video and use APP to control playback to view the video. (Even when the card is full the dash cam will continue recording with its Loop Recording feature.)
  • 【Built-in WiFi & Support the max card 128GB 】This dash cam has built-in Hotspot WiFi for faster transfer speed. (Effective WiFi signal range is about 30ft.); You can built-in 128GB card,(Supports up to 128G cards, changed to FAT32 format), convenient to store the video and use APP to control playback to view the video. (Even when the card is full the dash cam will continue recording with its Loop Recording feature.)
  • 【Motion Detection】With the motion detection mode, the dash cam will be on standby mode until motion is detected, the dash cam will wake up and start recording once the front camera detects objection.
Next Best #7
1080P FHD Car Driving Recorder Dash Cam Front, 170° Wide Angle 2.4in LCD Display DashCam Car Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Night Vision, Motion Detection
  • 【1080P HD Lens & Wide Angle】The 1080P resolution front camera with 140-degree wide field of view provides excellent image quality and captures more detailed information.
  • 【24h Parking and Loop Recording】This dash cam has 24 hours parking(requires connect a step-down line to keep the driving recorder powered on), starts recording automatically once it detects collision. By slicing the video, we can realize the seamless connection between the looped video and better guard the video evidence. (Note: The connection of the step-down line needs to be installed and used by professionals)
  • 【Built-in WiFi & Support the max card 32GB 】This dash cam has built-in hotspot WiFi for faster transfer speed. (Effective WiFi signal range is about 30ft.); You can built-in 8-32GB card,(Supports up to 32G cards), convenient to store the video and use APP to control playback to view the video. (Even when the card is full the dash cam will continue recording with its Loop Recording feature.)
  • 【Motion Detection】With the motion detection mode, the dash cam will be on standby mode until motion is detected, the dash cam will wake up and start recording once the front camera detects objection. If an impact or collision is detected when the car dash cam is off, it will auto on to record the impact, two cameras will be recording at the same.
Next Best #8
Dash Cam Front for Car 4K/2160P Dash Camera with 5G WiFi and Bluetooth APP,Built-in GPS 3.0" IPS Screen Dashcam 140° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, HDR, Night Vision, 24H Parking Mode
  • TRUE 4K UHD RECORDING: The Miofive S1 Dash Camera is our newest and most advanced, feature-packed, super night vision, TRUE 4K dash cam with all the bells and whistles needed in dashcams for cars, providing 2160P @30FPS Ultra HD video recording quality. Utilizing an 8-megapixel sensor with no interpolation, it ensures crystal-clear and high-resolution footage for enhanced detail and accuracy.
  • BUILT-IN 5G Wi-Fi & BLUETOOTH PAIRING: With our Miofive S1 Dashcam, seamlessly connect your iOS or Android devices using the latest dual-band 5G/2.4GHz Wi-Fi feature. Utilizing our advanced Miofive dash cams application, gain instant access to dashcam recordings. Take advantage of Bluetooth for quick pairing and dual-band support, enhancing wireless performance. Effortlessly download 4K videos to your smartphone and share them with friends on social media, leveraging high-speed connections.
  • DASH CAM WITH GPS: Equipped with built-in GPS, this wireless dash cam records and allows you to view real-time speed and compass information on the 3" IPS LCD. It accurately captures your driving route, location, and speed as additional evidence directly in the video. You can even configure all the settings of your top rated dash camera within our app. We provide over-the-air firmware updates for free through our Miofive app.
  • UPGRADING SUPERCAPACITOR: Features with State-of-the-Art Technology-SUPERCAPACITOR (extends product life significantly), this dash camera for cars offer voice guidance and alerts, f1.8 aperture, time-lapse video, 140° wide-angle 7-glass lens, emergency video lock, a ring of threads for an optional CPL filter, loop recording, a G-Sensor, supports up to a 512GB Class 10 - U3 speed microSD card (NOTE: THE MEMORY CARD NOT INCLUDED - We recommend Miofive Ultimate Micro SD Cards).
  • MULTIPLE PARKING MODES: The Miofive S1-4K Dash Cam offers various options for its custom-designed 24-hour parking mode, including 1fps timelapse video and collision detection. Please note that a separate hardwire kit is required (available for individual purchase, ASIN: B0CRHJQ3WQ). Additionally, the Miofive Type-C hardwire kit features an adjustable threshold voltage.
Next Best #9
Dash Cam Front and Rear, Ultra HD 8K Dash Camera for Cars, Dash cam with Night Vision,Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS,3.16" IPS Screen,170°Wide Angle,WDR,Free 32GB Card,24 Hrs Parking Mode
  • 【Dash Cam Front and Rear】Equipped with an 8K front camera (7680*4320) and a 2.5K rear camera, capturing crystal-clear footage. The 170° wide-angle front camera and 150° wide-angle rear camera ensure comprehensive coverage. Enhanced night vision allows for clear footage even in low-light conditions, thanks to the 6-layer glass lens and F1.8 aperture.
  • 【Dash camera for Cars】Easily control the dash cam using the Wi-Fi function and dedicated mobile app compatible with both Android and IOS systems. Download, share, and adjust settings straight from your phone for ultimate convenience.
  • 【Dash Cam】The built-in GPS module accurately records your vehicle’s location and speed, providing crucial information in the event of an accident. Document your route, real-time speed, and location to strengthen your evidence and ensure safety.
  • 【Car Camera - Dash Cam Front and Rear】With the optional hardware kit (not included), enjoy peace of mind with the dash cam's 24-hour parking monitor feature. Automatically switching to parking mode when your vehicle is parked, the dash cam records low-power footage upon impact or vibration, safeguarding your car against damage and theft.
  • 【Car Camera】 Includes a complimentary 32GB card (supports up to 128GB), with loop recording functionality. When the card reaches its capacity, new recordings overwrite old ones. Emergency videos triggered by the G-sensor are locked and protected from being overwritten, ensuring critical footage is preserved.
Next Best #10
3 Channel 4K Dash Cam Front Rear Inside, Dash Camera for Cars, Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with 2'' IPS Screen, 24h Parking Mode, Loop Record, Night Vision, 170°Wide Angle WDR, G-Sensor, WiFi
  • 【3 CHANNEL DASH CAM】The whole recording expert during driving, providing you with all-round protection and evidence support. With safety escort as the core concept, our car dash cam covers the route in front of you through the front 4K 140° camera.
  • 【SUPER NIGHT VISION】In order to provide clear recordings even at night, our dash cams have built-in night vision with excellent optics with 6-layer super large aperture and WDR technology, which allows our front and rear cameras to provide fine image quality even in low-light environments.
  • 【24H PARKING MONITOR】The dash cam automatically switches to parking mode when you park and switch off the engine. Continuous recording is available in Parking Mode, providing you with 24/7 protection in the event of a collision or theft of your car.
  • 【32GB SD CARD & LOOP RECORD】To make using your dash cam faster and easier, we provide you with a free 32GB SD card, which is plug-and-play. The Dash cam with loop recording overwrites old files when storage is full, ensuring continuous coverage. High-capacity SD card supports extended recording for lasting memories.
  • 【WiFi & SMART APP CONTROL】Simply connect your dash cam to the smartphone app via WiFi and then use the app to view, playback and manage your dash cam on your IOS or Android device.


Best Dashcam for MotorhomeEasy to Setup in Your Motorhome

We covered most of the best dash cams on our list, so you don’t have to waste your time screening through 1000s of reviews on 100s of cameras.

And the best part about owning a dash cam is they’re pretty easy to use.

Listen, if you can operate a radar detector or GPS, then you can handle a dash cam.

So whether you’re looking for the best dash cam for RV living just to be on the safe side.

Or, if you want to record the road just in case something exciting happens in front of your motorhome, no problem.

Look, no matter your reason for wanting to install a dash cam in your RV, this list should help you find the right gear and deal.

Also, please ensure you don’t forget to order enough microSD memory cards…

Dash Cams for Other Vehicles

Do you have more vehicles that need a dash cam?

We’ve found the best dash cameras in every price range that work well with motorcycles, trucks, cars, and off-road vehicles.

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