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Best Selling Dash Cameras

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The Best Selling Dash Cameras (Updated)

To get you warmed up, let’s watch a quick review video first that will help you decide how to choose a dashcam before we rush to the #1 bestseller people prefer the most on the list below.

Then, slowly work our way down to number ten – taking time to compare prices, features, and reviews.

Budget Dash Cams Reviewed from Previous Video

Hey, Andrew here. With so many options for dash cameras, which one should you buy? We’re going to compare five popular cameras recommended by the community for their value and performance. To skip to my conclusions click the link above or in the descriptions below. There’s also a link to an extensive written review that you could follow along with this video. Kicking things off are the G1W-C A118-C and Mobius cameras which are popular for their price and video quality. These cameras deliver clear video and are affordably priced between $45 to $80. Two years ago the quality of similarly priced cameras was terrible. At night it looks even worse You can really see the differences in quality with these three cameras. Let’s start with the G1W-C. It looks cheap but it uses decent materials. The body uses a nice matte plastic with a brushed metal face.

It has led lights but they aren’t particularly useful Around the camera there’s a microSD slot a 2.7″ LCD and a mini HDMI out. On the front is a F/lens with a 120-degree field of view Unfortunately the mounting area is overly flexible as it is only held by small clips. This causes noticeable vibrations in the recorded video, even on smooth roads. Looking at other videos on YouTube, this is typical of the G1W. There are four G1W versions all with the same video hardware. We’re using the “-C” which has a capacitor, more on that later. Next is the A118-C. This camera is designed to blend in with your vehicle keeping your camera hidden from thieves. Compared to the G1W it has great build quality The A118 feels sturdy due to the thicker plastic used. When adjusting the camera angle it looks pretty solid. The lens itself has an unknown aperture and construction.

Facing the driver is an inch LCD screen. The USB, AV Out, and optional GPS ports are on top. It also takes micro SD. Next, we have the Mobius this is the smallest dash camera we are reviewing today with supposedly better video quality than the G1W or A118-C. On the top, these metallic arrows are heat sinks to keep the electronics cool. On the back, a mini USB for power and a microSD card for storage. The lens on a review unit has an 86-degree field of view but you can buy a wider-angle model. If you notice there is no LCD screen which saves space but also requires a computer for setup. Our review unit is the third Mobius version with better electronics. Click the link below to find out more information on lenses and hardware. The last two cameras are the Mini 0806 and MG380G At $120 we can expect better video quality and features. The mini 0806 is the fourth generation of Mini cameras.

It has a stylish tubular design similar to Blackvue cameras. The 0806 is surprisingly well constructed for the number of ventilation holes cut into the camera. On the bottom, you’ll find the micro USB port and the first SD card slot. On the top is the second microSD card slot and the mini HDMI out. On the side is the power button. The lens has a wider 135-degree field of view with unknown construction. Lastly, this large camera here is the MG380G. Inside a Sony Exmor sensor and Zoran processor is supposed to produce amazing quality videos. The lenses are especially noticeable because of the size and how much it juts out. While the design looks cheap it’s more solid than the G1W, especially in the mounting area. Inside you’ll also find the GPS antenna. Looking around, we have the different inputs, an inch touchscreen LCD, and a full-size sd-card slot. Installing all five cameras was simple and required no tools. The G1W & MG380G uses a suction mount that slides into the camera slot. After, similar to a GPS you place the suction cup against the windshield and secure it against the car using a lever.

One problem is that the G1W’s ball joint has less freedom of movement compared to the MG380G as a consequence the G1W was unable to cover the front of my vehicle. Depending on the slope of your windshield, this could be a big problem. Looking at the Mobius, it’s really no different, except it uses a cradle to hold the camera. The mount is then screwed into the tripod thread. The A118 and Mini 0806 use clear adhesive tape to attach the camera to the windshield. It’s as easy as you imagine except it’s harder to remove and reuse. The mini 0806 mount has a USB port on both sides of the mount which allows you to install the camera in either orientation, depending on your preferences.

The A118 also has a wire hider. This piece of plastic sticks above your camera and holds and hides your wiring out of view. After installing the camera, the power adapter is inserted into your car’s electrical socket. You then run the wire to your camera, and you’re done. Let’s talk about setting up your camera. After installation, most cameras are ready to rock, however, you may wish to adjust options like the time and date. In every camera except the Mobius, you can change the settings with ease. The G1W, A118, and 8006 use buttons to access and navigate through the menu. The options are similar in all three cameras and are easy to understand.

Most settings are self-explanatory, although you may want to look at your manual or Google the description. Next, the MG380G was especially pleasant to use because of the touch screen and thoughtfully designed menu. Good decision, because you’ll get no help from the menu. It was terrible. The Mobius, in comparison, has to be the hardest camera setup. It’s the only camera that cannot be used after installation.

By default, it’s set up as an action camera. You’ll want to enable loop recording at the minimum. To change any settings, you have to plug the Mobius into a computer, download, and run the MSetup program. Once your laptop recognizes the camera you can change the settings. Luckily the program is well-designed and easy to use. All options have a tooltip that clearly describes what it does. It can automatically detect it update the camera’s firmware, and synchronize the time and date with the computer’s clock.

The Mobius has two video shooting setting separated by the colors yellow and blue. This is correlated with the colors on the camera. It starts in yellow mode and can load the alternate blue settings by pressing the mode button. During setup, I didn’t know that without an SD card inserted, it becomes a web camera and you can’t change the settings. Quite frustrating. There were also no quick guides or instructions included. They ask you to download a lengthy pdf manual, but I quickly gave up reading it. Instead, I read briefly what to do off the internet. Overall I did not enjoy my experience with Mobius. So. Daily use. We looked at how easy each camera was to use. Luckily after setup, they were all great, albeit with some minor concerns. The basic operation is hands-free. Dash cameras automatically start recording when they receive power and automatically save, and turn off when power is lost. Also, while turning on, all cameras except the Mobius can chime or beep. Good feature, as many drivers want to know they’re being protected. One issue with these budget cameras is the lack of an audible warning when they fail to record, from a corrupted SD card for example.

There is an LCD notification, but there’s a good chance you’ll miss it. Better cameras, such as the Blackvue DR-550, will have a voice prompt letting you know that it’s recording and if it encounters any failures. Another popular feature is the file protection button. This saves the video from being over-overwritten and often moves it to a different folder for quick retrieval. Let’s face it we all have those enraging moments you want to look at later. In every camera but the Mobius, the buttons are raised and easy to identify by touch. On the Mobius, the buttons are recessed and non-tactile, making them challenging to use while driving. Finally, let’s talk about lithium-ion batteries and capacitors. Both store electricity to run the cameras. Lithium-ion batteries are cheaper and allow you to use your camera outside your vehicle.

They also have a tendency to fail under high heat and ruin your camera. Capacitors are more expensive and store little energy, just enough to shut down your camera. They are far more reliable under hot weather. We recommend capacitors for most drivers. Let’s take a look at the video quality. We tested all cameras side-by-side in both real-world and lab tests, where we filmed an ISO resolution chart under identical day and night light values. You can get screenshots of these tests using the link below.

Going to the G1W, A118, and Mobius. We expected similar video quality because they use the same processor and CMOS sensor. But there were some differences. Starting with generalities the day video is great, sharp, and clear. Even under rapidly changing lighting conditions they all quickly change the exposure. Looking closely the A118-C was the worst of the three with considerably more graininess which reduces details. The G1W and Mobius were very similar except the G1W were shaky because of the camera’s poor construction. This is even more apparent at night because of the slower shutter speed. This can be remedied with tape but it shouldn’t be required. If you look at the Mobius it definitely has the best video quality at night. Everything is better defined, look at the brickwork and business signage, and in part, this is due to better video processing and a higher bitrate. The A118C is again the worst, but relatively it’s not too bad. Moving onto our lab tests, under daylight the three cameras are similar. For night tests there is a dramatic drop in quality. The G1W does slightly better than the A118-C due to noise.

For the Mobius, we had to double the light as it could not resolve video under the lighting used for the other cameras. Could be a problem while driving in dark environments but with headlights, you should be fine. Moving on to the mini 0806 and MG380G. Starting with the MG380G this camera was a clear disappointment. Under all conditions, it performs worse than every other camera. There’s significantly more grain and noise. It’s clearly an inferior choice. Lastly, the mini 0806. While it has the best video – the manufacturer is falsely making claims on resolution. They claim their cameras work at 1296P. While the lab tests showed a significant increase in quality both during the day and the night. However, in the real world, it looks terrible. At night it was blurry. During the day it wasn’t much better and clearly worse than our budget cameras.

Only when we lowered the quality to 1080p only then did the differences in quality start to show. At night the camera can resolve more details, especially in the darker parts of the video. Looking objectively, while the 0806 had better video it wasn’t a significant jump in quality for the money. I also had to manually decrease exposure because it was too bright at night. Overall I’m not very impressed and not a fan of false marking claims. Finally, Let’s talk about tradeoffs when you purchase a budget camera. For dash cameras, you can have either two of good price-performance or reliability.

The five cameras reviewed have excellent price and performance. Reliability suffers. For example, high heat can warp the plastic sensor mounts causing your camera to go blurry. You can have greater peace of mind if you buy from a local or national retailer. If you purchase overseas to save money you’ll have to ship back any products at your own expense. The winner of today’s competition is the A118-C. While other cameras are cheaper the A118-C offers a great mix of video performance, features, and simplicity. Its stealthy design blends in with your vehicle, deterring thieves. The video quality is great for the price. You can actually see license plates at night compared to the cameras from before. While the video quality was worse than G1W and Mobius the A118-C has vibration-free video and an easy setup. The A118-C is a camera that I can gift to any driver and know that they’ll be satisfied and protected. Make sure you get the “-C”, capacitor version of this camera for increased reliability. The G1W is the cheaper and more fragile version of the A118-C, and it shows. The video quality is better than the A118C but suffers from jumpy video caused by a weakened mounting area.

As well the camera mount has a smaller ball joint which limits the range of motion. You may not have the coverage you need depending on your windshield. I would only purchase the G1W if I absolutely had to save money or if didn’t want anything taped to my windshield. The Mobius would be the winner it didn’t have an extraordinarily difficult setup. While it’s very small and captures amazing video, better than the G1W or A118-C. Unfortunately, the setup and user interface is not intuitive and I feel bring more difficulties than benefits to the average user. Its flush buttons also make it difficult to lock passages for future viewing. While this camera has great developer and community support it’s not a good choice for most drivers.

However, if you’re comfortable with the technical challenges I think it’s a good buy. There’s a lot to like with the 0806. It has dual SD slots for extended recording, a compact shape, great packaging, and accessories. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t significantly better for the price, and continued reliability problems are worrying. The version we tested didn’t have GPS logging but you can pick it up for another $10. I personally would not buy the 0806, but if you really like this camera, I would buy it from a local or national dealer just to take care of any issues which may pop up. The MG380G has been a disappointment, while the overall experience in using the camera has been great the video quality was lacking. It has the worst video quality of all five cameras today. Daytime and night-time, the results were simply awful. Originally I was going to review the branded MateGo camera but after further research, the recently-released Ausdom A261 and Dome D201 may be better cameras for the price.

Subscribe if you want to see my review. I hope you enjoyed the review. There are links below to reputable retailers for the products reviewed today and as well I hope you share with anyone who might need a dash camera as everyone deserves to be protected..

REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear, 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera for Cars, Free 32GB Card, Built-in Wi-Fi GPS, 3.16” IPS Screen, Night Vision, 170°Wide Angle, WDR, 24H Parking Mode
  • 4K+1080P DUAL RECORDING- REDTIGER brings to you F7NP dual dash cam which records video of up to Ultra HD 4K(3840*2160P)+FHD 1080P resolutions. It helps you to read the key details like road signs, vehicle number plates etc. To reduce the blind areas it has the front wide angle of 170 degree and rear wide angle of 140 degree. This helps you during unexpected circumstances like collision to retain and present evidence.
  • SUPERIOR NIGHT VISION- The driving recorder adopts an excellent optical lens with an ultra-large F1.5 aperture and 6 layers, and is equipped with HDR/WDR technology to capture important details clearly under low light conditions.
  • WiFi/SMART APP CONTROL- You just need to connect the dash cam to you smartphone APP via WiFi and then you can use the "Redtiger" app to view, playback, and manage the dash cam on your IOS or Android devices. You can also download and edit videos in the app. By just one-click you can share your travel scenery and wonderful moments with your friends and family.
  • DASH CAM WITH GPS- This dash cam has a built-in GPS and records the driving route, real-time speed, location, etc. You can track on google maps via WiFi using the App or with our Windows and Mac GPSPlayer, which will provide further additional evidence if an accident occurs.
  • RELIABLE FEATURES FOR ACCIDENT RECORDING- Even when the card is full the dash cam will continue recording with its Loop Recording feature. As soon as the G sensor detects a sudden collision, it locks and saves the collision video. It also has a 24 hours parking monitor available on the dash cam to record continuously for 24 hours with time lapse function at parking mode. Please note that a hardware kit is needed.
Dash Cam, 3 Channel Dash Cam, 1080P Dash Cam Front and Inside, Triple Dash Cam, Dash Camera with 32GB Card, HDR, G-Sensor, 24Hr Parking, Front Rear Dash Cam Loop Recording
  • TRIPLE DASH CAM: The 3 channel dash cam features with a 170 wide-angle front camera + 150°Cabin + 150° waterproof rear camera, reduce visual blind areas. The Screen made by IPS panel, It allows you to see a clear picture at any angle without any blurring.
  • PARKING MONITOR & G-SENSOR : This dash camera built in G-sensor, which will activate emergency recording and lock the recorded videos when it detects sudden shakes or collisions while your car is stationary.
  • LOOP RECORDING: Dash cam loop recording function makes the newly recorded video will automatically overwrite the oldest video when when storage limit reached, the video can be recorded in 1, 3 minute intervals. This car camera is already equipped with a 32GB SD card, you do not need to buy this card additionally.
  • SUPERIOR WDR TECHNOLOGY &CLEARER NIGHT VISION : The interior facing camera design with 4 infrared LED lights, which can accurately capture important footage clearly under low light conditions. The superior HDR technology allows the camera to perform optimally in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND OPERATION: Car dash cam is plug and play, very convenient. Simple to mount the 3 channel dash cameras on the windshield which makes for an overall straightforward installation process. Easy to understand display and friendly key settings make it easy for you to use.
Miden S7 2.5K Dash Cam Front and Rear,64G SD Card,1600P+1080P FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars,176°+160° Wide Angle,3.2'' IPS Screen Dashcam,G-Sensor,Loop Recording,WDR,Night Vision,24H Parking Monitor
  • 【2.5K+1080P FHD & 336°Wide Angle Dual Recording】-Miden brings you the S7 dash cam front and rear, which can record Ultra HD 2.5K (2560 x 1600P) front video + FHD 1080P rear video. It can help you read key details such as road signs and vehicle license plates more clearly, bringing you better driving pleasure and better security. This car camera is equipped with a 176° wide-angle front camera and a 160° wide-angle waterproof rear camera, recording everything you need.
  • 【3.2 Inch IPS Screen & Aluminum Alloy Case】-The large 3.2-inch full HD screen provides you with the clearest experience. The user interface on the large screen is very clear and it is very easy to operate and navigate the menus. At the same time, this dashcam is made of professional aviation aluminum alloy material. Compared to a plastic shell, our Aluminum Alloy Case not only has excellent texture, but also has a very good heat dissipation effect.
  • 【Evidence Preservation & Cyclic Recording】-Our S7 Dash Cam will continue recording even when the microSD card is full, and automatically overwrite the old video according to your needs. What's more, through technological innovation, we ensure that locked videos will not be covered, achieve seamless connection between circular videos, better preserve video evidence, and better protect your security rights and interests.
  • 【3-Axis G-Sensor & Accident Lock】-Our car camera has a high-performance G-sensor, and the sensitivity is further optimized, which can automatically record emergency situations and save the video. When the vehicle collides, the driving recorder will automatically save and lock the current video as evidence. Besides that, press the lock button to manually lock the current video, especially if you see something interesting/important on the road can also lock the footage.
  • 【Parking Monitor & Splendid Night Vision】-Our car camera features a f1.5 aperture, the industry's largest 1/2.7'' CMOS image sensor and WDR technology for better color accuracy and clarity. Whether it is day or night, it can clearly capture small details such as night driving and license plates. If your car crashes while parked, or someone tries to steal your car, the car camera will automatically turn on and start recording when it detects the vibration,providing 24h protection for your car.
Dash Cam, Veement V300 1296P WiFi Front Dash Camera for Cars, Car Camera with App, Night Vision, Mini Hidden Single Dashcams, 24H Parking Mode, Loop Recording, Support 256GB Max
  • ⚠️ NOTE: MEMORY CARD NOT INCLUDED (Note that the SD card is not included in the package. Please use a U1 grade or higher SD card with the V300 dash cam for optimal recording performance.)
  • ⚠️ Please be aware that connection to the app may not be possible when using wireless CarPlay or Android Auto.
  • 【1296P HD Clarity for Unmatched Visibility】Experience the road like never before with Veement V300 1296P dash cam, capturing ultra-clear footage at 2304*1296@30FPS car dash camera making every detail is preserved with unmatched clarity, ensuring wireless dash cam comprehensive coverage during both day and night.
  • 【Superior Night Vision & Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle】 V300 hidden dash cam with its starlight-level sensor, F=1.7 large aperture, and 170-degree ultra-wide lens, captures crisp, clear video even in low-light conditions. The six-layer glass lens technology car camera front enhances your night driving security, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.
  • 【Seamless Connectivity & User-Friendly Experience】 Leverage the power of built-in WIFI and the exclusive VeeCar APP to enjoy effortless control over your front dash cam. From real-time previews to easy video downloads, editing, and sharing, V300 dash camera for cars offers a seamless interface for managing your driving footage.
ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4" IPS Screen, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision
  • 4K ULTRA HD RECORDING – The ROVE R2-4K dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160P. The Ultra HD video recording quality is so good that you will notice so much more clarity and quality difference than all other car dash cams. Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (6 Glass Lens + F1.5 Aperture + SONY IMX335) helps to get comparatively clearer footage and images from the recording in low light conditions.
  • BUILT-IN WiFi 6 – Use the ROVE App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and Android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smartphone at a speed of up to 6MBps, and then easily share these on social media with friends and family.
  • DASH CAM WITH GPS – Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps via Wi-Fi using the app or with our GPS Player. We provide FREE firmware upgrades for this car camera, allowing you to enjoy hassle-free over-the-air updates via the ROVE App.
  • FEATURES WITH STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY INCLUDED – The car dashboard camera comes with a built-in Supercapacitor, f1.5 apertures (the largest in the industry), parking mode, motion detection, 150° A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, supports up to 512GB class 10 - U3 speed micro SD card (NOTE: MEMORY CARD NOT INCLUDED - We recommend ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Cards)
  • 100% USA-CHICAGO BASED CUSTOMER-CENTRIC COMPANY & CUSTOMER CARE – This dash camera for cars is backed by a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY. You can text us for (Faster Response) or Email our customer care and we will answer any of your questions and resolve arising issues fast. If you’re having any doubts, it comes with a FULL REFUND within 30 DAYS.
Dash Camera, 4K/1080p Dash Cam Front Rear Built-in WiFi, with 64GB SD Card, Full HD 2.0” IPS Screen Dash Camera for Cars with App Control, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Parking Mode
  • ➤【4K+1080P DUAL RECORDING】The D3 dash cam has front and rear dual recording. Ultra HD 4K+1080P resolutions, allow you to observe the road with clearer visuals and focus on more details. The front is 170 degrees, and the rear is 120 degrees, effectively reducing blind spots and providing you with added peace of mind during your journeys. Whether it's everyday driving or unexpected incidents, this dash cam can help you retain and provide crucial evidence, ensuring your safety on the road.
  • ➤【G-SENSOR & LOOP RECORDING】The 4K dash camera Built-in G-sensor, the dash cam automatically detects collisions or sudden events and locks the relevant footage, preventing important recordings from being overwritten or deleted. The dash camera for cars supports loop recording and automatically overwrites old video files when storage space is running low, ensuring continuous recording without interruption.
  • ➤【NIGHT VISION & PARKING MODE】D3 dash cam equipped with advanced night vision technology, D3 dash cam captures clear footage even in low light or nighttime conditions, enhancing driving safety. If your vehicle experiences a collision, or someone tries to steal your car, the camera will automatically activate and start recording upon detecting vibrations, providing protection for your car.
  • ➤【BUILT-IN WIFI & APP SUPPORT】The car dash cam features built-in WiFi and APP support, with the application available for Android or iOS. The APP enables users to live preview, download videos, and manage. The recorded videos can be easily shared on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. The dash cam is already equipped with a 64GB SD card, you do not need to buy this card additionally.
  • ➤【EASY INSTALLATION & SUPER AFTER-SALES】The car dash cam is easy to install and set up, accompanied by a wiring crowbar and detailed instructions video, even first-time users can install it without worry. We provide a 2-year free warranty and lifetime professional technical support. Any questions can contact us directly via Amazon or email us via customer support mail. SASINON ensures lifelong support and 24-hour assistance!
Dash Cam,4K Full UHD Dash Camera for Cars
  • 【Car Camera - Dash Cam Front and Rear】
  • 【Dash Camera for Cars 】
  • 【4K Full UHD 3 Channel Dash Cam】
  • 【Dash Cam Front and Rear】
  • 【Dash Camera】
Dash Cam Front and Rear, Electronics, 64G SD Card, 1080P 3 Dash Camera for Cars, 170° Wide Angle Dashcam, 2'' IPS Screen, G-Sensor, WDR, Parking Monitor - Black
  • [3 Channel Dash Cam]: 3 channel camera can record video up to FHD 2K on the front, it can simultaneously monitor the front, rear and interior of the vehicle to maximize road coverage, greatly enhance night vision and provide clear and crisp images and videos. The dashcam is a combination of front, rear and interior cameras.Capturing video in front of, behind and inside the car simultaneously helps retain and present evidence in unexpected situations such as collision.
  • [Loop Recording & Incident Lock] The car dash cam comes with a free 64GB MicroSD card that automatically starts/stops recording when the car is started/turned off. The loop recording automatically overwrites past unlocked videos. The dash cam has a built-in G-Sensor, in the event of a collision, the video will be automatically locked and retained, and will not be overwritten.
  • [2K+1080P Three RECORDING]: brings to you dual dash cam which records video of up to Ultra HD 2K+FHD 1080P resolutions. It helps you to read the key details like road signs, vehicle number plates etc. To reduce the blind areas it has a front wide angle of 170 degree and rear wide angle of 110 degrees.This helps you during unexpected circumstances like collision to retain and present evidence.
  • [Wi-Fi & App Control]: You just need to connect the dash cam to you smartphone APP via WiFi and then you can use the "Viidure" app to view, playback, and manage the dash cam on your IOS or Android devices. You can also download and edit videos in the app. Through the app, you can download the recorded 2k videos directly to your phone, or share your travel scenery and highlight moments to your social media with one click.
  • [Worry-Free After-sale Service] This dash cam is easy to install and operate. The dash cam front and rear is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of sale. If you have any questions or suggestions about the dash cam, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.
ARIFAYZ Dash Cam WiFi FHD 1080P Car Camera, Front Dash Camera for Cars, Mini Dashcams for Cars with Night Vision, 24 Hours Parking Mode, WDR, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, APP, Support 128GB Max
  • 【FHD 1080P Dash Cam】Recording FHD 1920X1080P/30 fps video with advanced GC CMOS + 150° wide angle + 6G lens, clearly capture the license plates as well as road signs during the day and night. Perfect mini dash camera for cars, truck, SUV, provides the most important evidence for car accidents.
  • 【Built-in 2.4G WiFi & APP Control】This delicated car camera comes with APP for Android or iOS smartphones to get a live stream, download videos, change settings, edit and share your footage simple. Footages can be shared easily to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or the social media platform with the tap of a finger, allowing you to share any journey with all of your friends.
  • 【Compact & Super Easy to Install】With slim and compact design (Size: 3.5x1.8x1.4in), the dashcam takes up tiny space in your car, which won't obstruct your vision while driving. And simple installation and set up with excellent instructions included, no need to worry even for a first time user.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Mode】Mini USB hardwire kit(ASIN: B0BFFGCMDZ, not included) is required for this function. This dashcams will auto switch to parking mode while your car is parked. Collision detection can be triggered by impact or collision, and time lapse recording keeps recording continuously with low power consumption and low frame rate. If your vehicle is involved in a hit while parked, or someone attempts to steal your vehicle, this dash cam will provide around-the-clock protection.
  • 【Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor】When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite oldest recordings. Triggered by G-sensor, it can automatically detect a sudden shake/collision and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwrote even in loop recording.
iZEEKER Dash Cam for Cars, 1080P Full HD Dash Camera, Dashcam with Night Vision, Car Camera with 3-inch LCD Display, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, WDR, 32GB MicroSD Card
  • 🎁【User-Friendly & Best Cost-effective Dash Cam】This dash cam has all the functions set by default, which means that even for a novice, it’s easy to set up and use from day 1. It is the real deal and perfect for anyone wanting to document and store traffic accidents. And with its sleek design and impressive packaging, it makes for a fantastic gift for the holidays.
  • 【1080P Full HD Resolution & 3" LCD Display】With 1080P@30fps full HD resolution and a 170° wide angle lens, the dash cam reduces blind spots and captures excellent quality footage. The three-inch LCD screen allows you to monitor and replay key moments even if driving at high speeds.
  • 【MicroSD Card Included & Auto Recording & Loop Recording】With the included MicroSD card, the dashcam will automatically start/ stop recording when the car is on/off. The Loop Recording function automatically overwrites past unlocked videos to free up more space for new videos. The 32GB MicroSD card can usually record for a week. If the video is not needed after the card is full, just delete or format it manually to re-record.
  • 🎁NOTE: Starting December 18, 2023, this dash cam model is sold with a 32GB MicroSD card and it has been inserted into the dashcam's card slot. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
  • 【Automatic & Manual Emergency Recording】With the built-in G-sensor, this dash camera can automatically detect sudden vibration or shock and save it as evidence. Press the lock button to manually lock the current video, so even if there is no impact but you see something interesting/important on the road you can lock in the footage.

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