Best Dash Cam with Cloud Storage & Auto Backup

Best Dash Cam With Cloud Storage

Your files are SAFER in Cloud Storage

How would you feel if your decision to buy the best dash cam with cloud storage ended saving you $1000s?

You’d probably be pretty grateful because your data was automatically uploaded to the cloud instead of sitting on an SD card that could be taken.

Don’t worry, I know you don’t know what to do right now.

But by the time you’re done reviewing these options, you’ll look forward to learning how to use your dash cam with wifi upload to your personal cloud storage.


Nobody wants to lose important video footage, especially ride-sharing drivers from Uber or Lyft…

We get it – when you make a living driving people around you need to be extra careful.

This is why we think one of the best ways to really protect yourself is to use a dash cam with cloud storage for recording your commutes.

And here’s why…

Because using a dash cam that stores files on SD Flash is good, but using cloud storage is better…

3 Crucial Benefits of Dash Cams with Cloud Storage:

  1. No hassling with swapping SD flashcards with auto upload to the cloud.
  2. Videos are immediately available via the Internet using the Nexar mobile app.
  3. The videos are safe in your Nexar cloud storage account if the dash cam gets stolen.

Now, let’s not waste any more time and get straight to reviewing this bestseller with a great star rating from real drivers…

The Best Low-Cost Dash Cam with Cloud Storage

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam - 1 Year Nexar App Subscription Included - Unlimited Cloud Storage, Drive Recordings, Parking Mode, Night Vision, All Inside The Nexar App - WiFi HD Front Dash Cam (32 GB SD)
  • 【Smart Phone Required】All Nexar dash cams require a smart phone connection. Our dash cams are compatible with iPhones 7 and above, as well as most Android models. To make sure your device is compatible, please see the full list in the FAQ section below. Please also note that Nexar does not operate in tandem with Apple CarPlay.
  • 【The Best Dash Cam for Everyday Drivers】The Beam is Nexar’s most compact dashboard camera, easily concealable behind the rearview mirror. The camera records crisp 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality.
  • 【Smart Detection and Unlimited Cloud Backup】The camera detects critical situations on the road (like collisions or sudden brakes) and saves them as short clips on the Nexar app. These clips are also automatically backed up to your unlimited Nexar cloud account.
  • 【Parking Mode for 24/7 Protection】Nexar senses even the slightest impact and starts recording immediately, even when your car is parked. Get notified and watch recorded parking incidents as soon as your phone is nearby and connected to the dash cam.
  • 【Instant Evidence Straight to Your Phone】The Nexar Beam dashboard camera seamlessly streams live footage to your phone every time you drive, so video evidence is always just a tap away if you need it. The Nexar app works in the background, so you can use other apps (like navigation) while driving. To avoid battery drain, consider plugging in your phone while driving.
Scosche NEXC2128-XCES0 Full HD Two-Way Smart Dash Cam Powered by Nexar with Suction Cup and 128GB Memory
528 Customer Reviews
Scosche NEXC2128-XCES0 Full HD Two-Way Smart Dash Cam Powered by Nexar with Suction Cup and 128GB Memory
  • Complete Coverage - The Scosche NEXC2 Nexar-Powered dash cam ensures full security for your vehicle with high-quality front and rear cameras, capturing everything in 1080P Full HD from the 155-Degree front camera and 720P from the 140-Degree rear camera.
  • Seamless Integration - With the Nexar dash cam app, your footage is automatically recorded and saved to your phone, providing wireless convenience and ease of access. Enjoy FREE Nexar cloud storage for important event and trip data. Sync easily with the Nexar safe driving app on iOS 13.0 and up or Android 8.0 and up. Access and integrate recordings, events, GPS, Siri, and Google Assistant using the app.
  • Enhanced Night Vision - Capture clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions with the Scosche NEXC2 dash cam's advanced camera lens for superior night vision capabilities.
  • Smart Collision Detection - Stay safe with the Scosche NEXC2's advanced G-sensor technology that detects collisions and automatically saves the footage to review later. Instantly report evidence of a crash (video, speed, direction of travel, license plates and force of impact) directly to your insurance company using the Nexar Smartphone app. This camera ensures you can quickly share critical incident information.
  • Easy Installation - This dash cam is designed for a quick and simple setup, allowing you to secure your car camera system without the need for professional help. Effortlessly attach your Scosche dashcam to your car's windshield with the secure suction mount. Adjust or relocate it without harming your vehicle and optimize your camera's position.
Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam - 1 Year Nexar App Subscription Included - Unlimited Cloud Storage, Drive Recordings, Parking Mode, Night Vision, All Inside The Nexar App - WiFi HD Front Dash Cam (256 GB SD)
  • Dual View: Our HD dashcam front and inside system is perfect for all kinds of drivers even pros who want to drive with extra confidence thanks to wide recording angles and high quality night mode
  • Versatile & User Friendly: Our truck and car dash camera front and inside model installs in minutes and fits seamlessly into any vehicle making it the easy choice for 24/7 vehicle protection
  • Superior Quality: Record in crystal clear HD with our car camera inside and outside cams featuring Bosch technology that provides a wide 135° exterior angle with WiFi & Bluetooth capabilities
  • Nexar Subscription Required: Unlock the Nexar app with a Nexar Subscription, included at purchase for the first year. Following this, enjoy uninterrupted access to features like Unlimited Cloud Storage for clips and incidents, Parking Mode, and Easy-Access to Drive Recordings for just $1.99 per month, billed annually. All of these features are located in the Nexar App.
  • The Driver's Choice: Nexar driving recorders are built with cutting edge features powered by advanced technology to provide drivers with confidence that their passengers and vehicles are in good hands

The Editor’s Choice Dash Camera with Cloud Storage

Blackvue DR900S-2CH with 16GB Micro SD Card | Power Magic Pro Hardwiring Kit Included | WiFi GPS 4K Recording CLOUD Connectivity
  • 4K Ultra High definition capture - 4X the resolution of 1080P
  • Improved H.265 compression codec - same filesize as 1080P @ 60fps
  • Built-in GPS & Dual band Wi-Fi - change settings and review video on the fly!
  • Built-in impact & motion detection - lock in event recordings
  • BlackVue over the cloud compatible - view your videos anywhere in the world over the internet
Hey guys welcome to the rideshare report Mike Dean in the house you’re my guest thanks for joining me for today’s special announcement I know a lot of you guys have been thinking about a dashcam we realized the importance of having one we’ve seen the YouTube videos we’ve looked at news we’ve read the news and we’ve exchanged things on social media and our Facebook group chats and I think more and more drivers at this point are realizing how important it is well today I want to share with you a startup that actually created a dashcam application and I got to tell you it’s pretty spankin bad it’s the state of the art artificial intelligence application a really smart smart application I’m going to share that with you as well as the program that they are launching next are as the name of the company and they are launching a pro drivers dashcam program where they’re actually giving away free dash cams and devices to select drivers in select cities now it’s not everywhere I will keep you posted as new cities are added you can find that information on the right show report as that information becomes available to me now it’s truly truly a perfect dash cam I had the opportunity of doing a demo somewhat of a review so stay tuned because you’re going to find that out in a moment it’s the world’s first artificial intelligent AI dash cam application that’s currently out there records just about everything from the outside to the inside dangerous events it detects information you name it it does it I mean everything that I was thinking about in the dash cam it actually has right the ability to record outside inside the ability to GPS location and identification Wi-Fi and uploading that information those videos into the cloud that’s what I’ve been looking for for less than $500 well in this case right now it’s free for you guys so I’m going to share with you what some of the requirements are to get your free dashcam for a pro ride share drivers to qualify you gotta been driving for at least two years as a ricer driver you got and to dry for at least a year and you have to drive at least 30 plus hours a week the next our app is installed on the phone so it gives you a lot of flexibility there’s a lot of features and I got to tell you it was a lot more features than I could even imagine records both outside and the inside warns of hazardous things that happen out there on the road detects and records accidents and incidents again there’s the the the the storage feature saving your information and your videos up in the cloud really smart and intuitive they put a lot of time and energy and figuring out what drivers and generally need and in this case it’s definitely something that I need as a rideshare driver sudden breaks accidents you know you know quick movements by other vehicles everything is being recorded and detected and it’s being indicated within the application itself really intuitive just kind of really puts everything together all that information gets uploaded into the cloud where it’s nice and safe and sound and you can log in to your account to your dashboard online it’s against get get necks are calm for /a dashboard and you can upload and trim your information your videos or you can access that information in the cloud so it’s just really robust and pretty unique now we all know the importance of being able to record inside of our vehicle the reality is is that sometimes going to find a rude aggressive unruly and/or drunk passenger and it’s important to protect not only ourselves but the writer the writers as well in some cases and record this information because this can be the difference between us becoming deactivated or getting all the information we need to to document what’s actually going on so the fact that a recourse inside is definitely a plus for me I think it’s definitely a plus for you or any rideshare driver or any kind of driver that’s fairing around writers or passengers one of the other things that really does is really cool is that it actually aggregates data and information it makes use of the sensors in your phone and you’ll be given a phone by the way an iPhone such as the gyroscope for example the seller ometer the compass it makes it makes use of all this information and aggregates data and information and spits it out in like analytics and data and analysis and it will even crunch that into an actual report that has a lot of information more than you can even imagine you know you get your your dash cam information your pictures you’ve got accident reconstruction and collision diagrams the list goes on dynamics and accident analytics a whole bunch of stuff guys it’s really really a great opportunity to get to be part of this program I’m glad I was able to join it if you meet the qualifications I highly suggest you check it out I’m gonna share with you right now we’re going to go into the Pro drivers kit what’s included as well as a demo so let’s go out hit the road and check it out guys hey guys and welcome Mike being in the house and you’re my guest thanks for joining me here and my sexy Prius slash studio where I’m about to install the next SAR Pro drivers dash cam kit so the next our Pro drivers dash cam kit as you heard about it’s a software application comes with a device and some accessories and I’m going to install that in my car and do a live demo of the state of the art world’s first artificial intelligent smart dash cam system and or application that’s currently out there from what I understand so let me just tell you a little about about the kit real quick that you get as a pro driver now a pro driver you have to drive at least thirty hours per week you have to have been a rideshare driver for at least two years and you have to be somewhat committed to driving for at least a year and then you get this nice little kit which is for free let me tell you what’s inside of it we have let’s see we got a adult charging plug for your cigarette lighter so you can have two devices plugged in at once we have gonna need one of these of course or an extra one which is a USB cord for your phone for the device it comes with and we also have gotta have one of these which is a phone map not any foam it’s a foam mount with a suction cup but not any not just any suction cup okay are you familiar with those suction cups that you know like the white base or the transparent base that only affixes and or adheres to the window this is pretty amazing actually this is a micro suction cup so it’s made up of thousands of micro suction cups not just one but thousands kind of like a geckos feet right so what makes this really unique is that it actually adheres to just about any surface so you can have it on the window you can have it on a coarse dashboard and put about put it just about anywhere as opposed to one of those traditional suction cups which only fits on the window because it’s one big cup so pretty cool you get one of those as well of course and then you get a series of maybe an instruction sheet it just pretty much gives you a quick rundown of some of the hand gesture features such as one tap will give you a video capture tapping the screen once will give you a video capture of the previous 20 seconds of video and 20 seconds of that particular capture after so you get a total of 40 seconds it’s kind of like just a one tap kind of incident kind of video grab also if you swipe to the left by swiping to the left you go into the dashboard so you can access some of the dashboard features keep in mind that while doing all this your it’s constantly recording right so it doesn’t stop swiping to the right you’ll actually go into stealth mode and stealth mode is a screen saver and next our screen saver which will actually a peer of the under screen and kind of keep you in stealth mode but you the next our application will still be recording while it’s in stealth mode so whether you have it on the interior of the vehicle or the exterior it will still be recording pretty cool if you hold your finger on the screen it’ll actually launch ways kind of a waste search bar in our destination bar right and the actual application itself and you can kind of type in you know what you need and then of course is the voice command just by simply saying hey necks are that old kind of Lord launch a voice come now I’ll be going over some of these features in an actual live demo once I get this kit installed and figure out you know where I’m going to put my camera and set it up at best and also you can you can aside from capturing all this information you can upload it to the cloud which is free get unlimited storage and you can view all that cloud stuff at get get necks are calm for it / – board where you’ll log in and view your videos last but not least you’ll also get an iPhone 5s with a dedicated NEX our artificial intelligent smart application in the phone that’s about all you’re going to get in this phone aside from email access as well and it’s also a waste application there so there you go it’s a pretty cool kit it’s free for pro drivers as I mentioned and they would love to have you have to be a part of this program to help build up the community of next hour users so they can add more features and amazing amazing things to it as well so all right I’m gonna go ahead and get this stuff installed and then take you guys on a live demo and show you exactly how it works let’s do this guy’s hey guys welcome back Mike Dean in the house and you’re my special guest and thanks again for joining me for this portion of the video where I’m going to share with you some of the amazing features of the next hour – camp smart application and take you for a ride a live ride and show you how some of those features work let’s go ahead and start a new ride shall we sighs you can see right away it it actually starts to detect moving objects and vehicles around you and scanning for license plates and things of that nature so that’s part of the artificial the AI artificial intelligence features which is kind of starts to you know gather data and information I want to share with you some features that are really cool and they’re created by some hand gestures if someone this is how you can access some of the features the first one is if you just tap with with one finger one time on the screen it’ll actually trigger a fill image it will take the still image so you can just tap it again and it takes a series of still images you know if you need to grab a license plate or some other type of valuable information if you tap with two fingers it’ll actually turn the camera around so that you can see your interior view of your vehicle of your tab which is pretty cool tap it again and it takes you back to take you back to your drivers point of view if you swipe it with one finger to the left that’ll go into your dashboard but before I do that okay check it out if you actually hold one finger on the screen it’ll actually prompt you for an integrated ways application so API is with a wave so go ahead just by holding one finger on your screen for a few seconds it’ll open up a search bar or in or destination bar rather for waves pretty cool huh all right so one finger let’s swipe to the left there we are and our dashboard now keep in mind regardless of whether you’re in XR application or you’re using another application it’s still recording whether if the external point of view recording or internal Nick’s are is running in the background so it’s always recording and always detecting information around you okay so I’m going to go ahead go back to dash cam mode and right now right now I’m actually using the finger gestures for commands but there’s one of my favorite features is voice command guys you’re gonna have to go ahead and enable that there’s a little icon there you just click and enabled right now I have that enables we’re kind of talk really cool about it but the first the first way to initiate voice commands is to say hey mix our camera N and there you go just as simple as that via a voice command pretty cool by the way I want to mention that nextdoor does record audio but will only record audio while you have while you’re in camera n mode when you’re in dash cam and/or your field or your point of view mode it does not record or mule so just keep that in mind alright so there you go that’s that’s some of the features you’ve got voice command and I’ll just go back once again to the voice command to show you a number of different items sort of on the menu a mix our dashboard pretty cool taking the dashboard and then – bored of course as you know you can upload share or you can download and save your videos to your device or again upload it to the cloud which is for free alright guys well that’s it thanks for joining me I hope you enjoyed the next hour dashcam video and some of the features that you can find pretty robust you got the the the finger the finger gestures to access some of the features as well as a voice command a pretty pretty cool app pretty intuitive definitely something that might be valuable for some of you / drivers so check it out fine you can find more information on the website at why ferry port comm this is Mike out thanks for joining me and remember guys when we’re on liftoff baby…

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