Best Hidden Dash Cam Discreet Low Profile Camera

Best Hidden Dash Cam

Hiding In Plain Sight…

Are you looking for the best hidden dash cam for your vehicle – one that doesn’t stand out? We have 10 cameras to review that will help you decide.

We understand why someone wants a low profile or hidden dash cam.

For example, maybe you worry that someone will vandalize your car or break into it because they can see a dash cam mounted on the windshield.

Or another reason is that you want to secretly record what goes on around your truck after you’ve parked it and you’re not there.

And another good reason is you live in one of these 75 cities where people drive like maniacs in rush hour traffic and you don’t want problems with someone who doesn’t want to be recorded while they’re cutting you off…

Best Hidden Dash CamBest Hidden Dash Cam Design

It sucks to worry about such a dumb thing, but you can never be too safe.

But fortunately, having your dashcam concealed will keep the riffraff away, or at least they won’t notice your camera.

We also understand how this makes you feel, so we’ve researched to create a list of the best hidden dash cams on Amazon.

Our system does the work of 10 people to crunch the data and only lists the best selling dash cams with the highest rating and reviews so that you do not have to spend hours screening 100s of dash cameras that don’t fit the criteria.

But that said, if you want to look at 100s of dashcams, go for it. 🙂

Low Profile Dashboard Camera RecorderHow to Pick a Low Profile Dash Cam

First, a good dash cam that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb is mounted high on the windshield and blends into the upper molding near the rearview mirror.

Second, they’re also dark, unlike some dash cams that sparkle in the light because they’re chrome and shiny.

And third, they have a low profile that doesn’t resemble a camera mounted on the windshield…

Easy to Spot…

Whereas some cameras are mounted low or midway down the windshield and resemble a GPS, they are easy to spot by anyone walking by your car or someone driving in front of you and looking through their mirrors.

You can always read the reviews to see which dash cams people like the best and what they’re saying about how they mount and how visible they are from outside the car.

Can a dash cam be hidden?

There are many ways to hide a dash cam, depending on your needs and what you want to accomplish.

If you want to keep the camera hidden from view, there are a few options. One option is to buy a dash cam that is small and discreet.

There are also mounts available that can help to conceal the camera.

Another option is installing the camera in your car’s hidden spot. This can be tricky, but it can be done carefully.

But that’s enough of my rambling; here’s a quick video to demonstrate, followed by a list for you to review.

Video from a Rexing 1 Hidden Dash Cam

Installing the Best Hidden Dash Cam

Protect Yourself with a Discreet Low Profile Camera

Learn the step-by-step process to install the best hidden dash cam for ultimate protection on the road.

As a dash camera expert, I’ve seen firsthand how valuable a hidden dash cam can be to protect yourself from accidents and other legal issues. In this guide, I will walk you through installing the best hidden dash cam for your needs.

Quick Summary:

This guide will provide the knowledge and tools to install a high-quality hidden dash cam in your vehicle. You’ll learn about the benefits of a discreet low profile camera, safety precautions, helpful tips, and step-by-step instructions for installation.

What is a Discreet Low Profile Camera? A discreet low profile camera is a small camera installed in your vehicle to record footage of your surroundings while driving. The camera is hidden from view and is designed to be unobtrusive, so it doesn’t interfere with your driving or distract you.

Safety Precautions:

Before installing your hidden dash cam, it’s important to take safety precautions to ensure you don’t damage your vehicle or injure yourself. Turn off your engine, disconnect the battery, and wear protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses.

Helpful Tips:

To ensure that your hidden dash cam is installed correctly, it’s important to follow these helpful tips:

1. Choose a location that won’t obstruct your view while driving.
2. Ensure the camera is securely mounted to prevent it from shifting or falling.
3. Use a quality wiring kit to ensure the camera is wired correctly and safely.
4. Test the camera before the final installation to ensure it works properly.
5. Hide the wiring to keep it out of sight and prevent it from becoming tangled or damaged.

How to Install the Best Hidden Dash Cam

Choose the Right Camera
Before installing your hidden dash cam, choose the right camera for your needs. Look for a small, discreet camera, high-quality video resolution, and easy to install.

Find the Best Location
Once you have your camera, you must find the best installation location. Look for a spot that won’t obstruct your view while driving and is out of sight from potential thieves.

Mount the Camera
Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s time to mount the camera. Use a quality mounting kit to ensure the camera is securely mounted and won’t shift or fall while driving.

Wire the Camera
After mounting the camera, it’s time to wire it. Use a quality wiring kit to ensure the camera is wired correctly and safely.

Test the Camera
Before final installation, it’s essential to test the camera to ensure it works properly. Turn on your vehicle and test the camera to ensure it’s recording footage correctly.


Installing a hidden dash cam is an easy and effective way to protect yourself on the road. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can install the best hidden dash cam for your needs and drive with confidence.


Q: What is a hidden dash cam?
A: A hidden dash cam is a small camera installed in your vehicle to record footage of your surroundings while driving.

Q: Why should I install a hidden dash cam?
A: A hidden dash cam can protect you from accidents and legal issues on the road, as well as provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident or theft.

Q: What should I look for in a hidden dash cam?
A: Look for a camera that is small and discreet, has high-quality video resolution, and is easy to install.

Q: Where should I install my hidden dash cam?
A: Look for a spot that won’t obstruct your view while driving and is out of sight from potential thieves.

Q: How do I wire my hidden dash cam?
A: Use a quality wiring kit to ensure the camera is wired correctly and safely.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional installation or advice. Always follow safety precautions when working on your vehicle.

10 Best Selling Hidden Dash Cam Alternatives

Affver Dash Cam 4K with Touch Screen, Built-in 5G WiFi, Free 64GB SD Card, Dash Camera for Cars with App, Car Camera, Dashcams for Cars, 24 Hours Parking Monitor, Night Vision, Loop Recording
212 Customer Reviews
Affver Dash Cam 4K with Touch Screen, Built-in 5G WiFi, Free 64GB SD Card, Dash Camera for Cars with App, Car Camera, Dashcams for Cars, 24 Hours Parking Monitor, Night Vision, Loop Recording
  • 【Crystal-Clear Footage Captured by Ultra HD 4K Dash Cam】 The Affver 4K dash camera Q6 features a cutting-edge 4K lens and Sony sensor, ensuring vibrant recording of your driving experiences in up to 2160P resolution (providing four times more detail than 1080P). Enhanced by intelligent WDR and night vision technology, it sustains video clarity and color accuracy around the clock.
  • 【User-friendly 1.2-inch Touch Screen】 Seamlessly explore the various features of your car dashcam, including detailed settings, using the user-friendly touch screen interface. With a mere slide, effortlessly navigate through the menu options and tailor the camera's configuration to your preferences.
  • 【Connect Your Smartphones To Cutting-Edge 5G WiFi】Experience faster video operations with the 5GHz WiFi connection to your smartphone, providing four times the speed of the standard 2.4GHz. Note: App Real-time Preview mode is in 1080p for smoother previews; for true 4K road detail examination, download footage to your phone.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Mode】To activate this feature, you'll need an extra car accessory - the hardwire kit (ASIN: B0CR1DVJ87, NOT included). The Q6 dash cam automatically switch to parking mode once your car is turned off. Customize the parking mode according to your preference - Collision detection, triggered by impact or collision, or Time-Lapse Recording, ensuring continuous recording with minimal power consumption and a low frame rate.
  • 【Heat- Resistant & 64GB SD Card Included】Constructed with PC and ABS materials, the dash camera operates within a temperature range of -4℉ to 167℉ (-20℃ to 75℃). The high heat-resistant chipset ensures a longer lifespan and stable performance. It can accommodate micro SD cards with a maximum capacity of 256GB. A 64GB micro SD card is INCLUDED.
KAWA Dash Cam 2K, WiFi Dash Camera for Cars 1440P with Hand-Free Voice Control, Night Vision, Mini Hidden Dashcam Front, Emergency Lock, Loop Recording, 24-Hour Parking Monitor, APP, Support 256GB Max
  • 【Enhance 2K 1440P & Wide Angle】KAWA wifi dash cam features a super-high resolution of 1440P (2 times clearer than most 1080P dash cams), capturing license plates, road signs, pedestrians, and other details on the road. With 145°wide-angle, this dash cam enables you to monitor more lanes without blind spots.
  • 【Starlight Color Night Vision】With a 6 Full HD spherical glass lens, our 2K dash camera features industry-leading Starlight Color Night Vision for clear images and videos even in low-light environments at night, without auxiliary light sources. KAWA mini dash cam with compact and hidden design make sure it will never block your view. You can drive smoothly day and night.
  • 【3D-Sensor & Emergency Recording】This dash camera for cars built-in 3D-sensor which is more smarter to judge the vehicle collision than normal G-Sensor. It will automatically record an emergency video when shock occurs. And this video will not be looped video coverage, which helps you to obtain accurate evidence videos at any time.
  • 【Hands-Free Voice Control】 This dashcams for cars saves the current picture and record an emergency video by directly giving voice commands. Hands-free voice control allows you to focus more on driving safety and quickly complete your request.
  • 【Loop Recording & Wi-Fi & App Control】The recorded videos can be automatically saved and stored locally on a micro SD memory card up to 256GB (not included) while driving. With built-in WiFi, it can connect to the KAWA App, which simply enables you to watch real-time footage, play recorded videos as well as download files to your phone.
Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K Built in 5GHz WiFi, Dual Dash Cam Front 4K Rear 1080P Hidden Dash Camera for Cars, Free 64GB SD Card, Super Night Vision, Supercapacitor, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, USB C Port
  • Firmware Update Alert: New T5 firmware is now available! Introducing Voice Control & Time-lapse Recording features for an enhanced user experience. Enjoy voice commands like 'Take Photo' and 'Lock the Video'. If you wish to experience these new features in advance, please message us on Amazon or refer to the user manual for our support team's email to obtain the new firmware.
  • 【Real Ultra 4K+1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam】(64GB TF card included). Featuring two high-quality cameras with 160° wide angle recording at the same time to cover the front and back of your car. The front camera can record 4K ultra HD videos capturing a super clear view front of the car, rear camera record 1080P HD video to make sure you can get the car license plate if you are rear-ended accidentally.
  • 【Stylish Rounded Look and Hidden Design 】The sleek and compact design let this 4K dash cam can be perfectly installed behind the rear-view mirror, so that the camera would 'disappears' from your line of sight, avoiding any interference when you drive. The no-screen design makes driving at night more reassuring, and you no longer need to worry about the additional light from the car cam on the windshield.
  • 【Built-in 5GHz WiFi and App Control】With a faster 5GHz WiFi connection to your smartphone ( 4 Times transferring speed than normal 2.4GHz), you will have a better experience previewing, downloading, and sharing videos. NOTE: Video resolution is only 1080p in App Real-time Preview mode to enhance the fluency of preview. If you want to check road details in true 4K resolution, download footage to your phone please.
  • 【Supercapacitor and 24Hours Parking Monitoring】 Adopted with a high-performance super-capacitor protect the car cam in extremely hot weather and give it a longer lifespan. Parking monitor allows dashcam to auto power on and records emergency video when detecting a collision, get evidence if your car was hit or stolen. To use the 24 hours parking monitor function, you need to hard wire the dash cam, sold separately ASIN: B0BG5DM5CL.
Dash Cam 2.5K 1440P Front Dashcam for Cars, E-YEEGER Mini WiFi Hidden Dashcams with App, Night Vision Car Camera, 24H Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Free 32G Card, Support 256GB Max
  • 【2.5K Clear Recording】Experience top notch video quality with the V100 dash cam. Featuring an advanced Starvis sensor and 6 glass lens, it captures your drives in stunning 2560*1440P resolution, offering 70% more pixels than standard 1080P. The 160° wide angle lens min blind spots and easily covers up to 4 lanes. With Super Night Vision technology and an F1.8 large aperture, the dashcam for cars increases light intake by 30%, ensuring get clear and detailed footage even in low light condition.
  • 【Seamless Easy WiFi-APP Control】 Stay connected on the go with our V100 car dash cam dedicated app for both iOS and Android smartphones. Effortlessly stream live video, preview and download recordings, adjust settings, and share your footage on social media right from your phone. Ideal for cars, trucks, and SUVs, this feature of dash camera makes it easier than ever to provide evidence for insurance claims.
  • 【Compact and Durable Design】 V100 wifi dash cam with app is built to last with a heat-resistant chipset and an aluminum alloy shell, ensuring stable performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F. With dash cam for cars compact, discreet design won’t obstruct your view while driving. Without a built-in lithium battery, it eliminates risks associated with high temperatures or vehicle collisions, enhancing safety for you and your car.
  • 【Continuous Loop Recording & G-Sensor】 Never miss a moment with our continuous loop recording mini dash cam, which automatically overwrites the oldest unlocked files when your memory card is full. Equipped with a smart G-Sensor, the front dash cam instantly detects any sudden vibrations or shocks, locking the relevant video clips to ensure they aren’t overwritten. It guarantees that crucial footage is always preserved.
  • 【24/7 Parking Mode & Time Lapse】 Keep your car under constant surveillance with our 24-hour parking mode, which requires a Hardwire Kit (ASIN: B0CXLY8M6B, NOT Included). Our V100 dash cam front automatically switches to parking mode when your car is parked, ensuring round-the-clock protection. The 24-hour time-lapse car camera feature records continuously at a low frame rate and low power consumption, safeguarding your vehicle from theft or vandalism.
Garmin 010-02504-00 Dash Cam Mini 2, Tiny Size, 1080p and 140-degree FOV, Monitor Your Vehicle While Away w/ New Connected Features, Voice Control, Black
  • Car key-sized dash camera mounts discreetly behind rearview mirror and goes virtually unnoticed; automatically records and saves video of incidents
  • Wide 140-degree lens records 1080p video with Garmin Clarity HDR optics for crisp detail day and night
  • Voice control (only available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish) lets you use spoken commands to save video, start/stop audio recording, take still pictures and more
  • Saved videos automatically upload via Wi-Fi connection to the secure online Vault to view and share later
  • The Parking Guard feature (requires constant power and an active connection with Wi-Fi technology; access via the Garmin Drive app on your compatible smartphone) monitors activity around your parked vehicle and alerts if an incident is detected
COOAU Mini Dash Cam, Dash Camera for Cars FHD 1920x1080P, Dashcam Front with 2" IPS Screen, Car Dash Camera Built-in Night Vision, Wide Angle, Supercapacitor, WDR, G-Sensor, Loop Record (M53)
  • 🎥{1080P FHD Dash Cam & Enhanced Night Vision} The dash cam captures clear details with 1920x1080P@30fps resolution and an ultra-wide angle that covers up to 6 lanes. Equipped with an F1.8 large aperture and powerful WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), the dashcam delivers excellent images even in low-light conditions, providing stable performance at night. Protect yourself from accidents, dangerous driving, and destruction with this dash cam.
  • 👍{ Mini Body & Large Screen } The car camera is smaller than the palm of your hand,It won't affect your field of vision, it comes with suction cup for secure installation without taking up much space.User-friendly operation make it easy to use, simply plug it in and install on almost any vehicle without special tools.This dash camera for cars equipped with a large 2-inch IPS screen that displays a clear picture with bright colors in real-time.(Kind tips: without APP)
  • 💟 { Loop Recording & G-sensor } ① Loop recording, when the SD card is full, the car dash cams automatically deletes the oldest stored video to record the latest video.Recommend U3 SD Card(not included) for stable performance. ② G-sensor, gravity sensing collision detection, emergency video recording, locking video as evidence.③ 24-hour Parking Monitoring (Hardware kit is needed: B0CB4C6K61)
  • 🔌 { Upgraded Supercapacitor } The dash cam front adopts super capacitor, which has significant advantages in reliability for long-term use compared to lithium-ion batteries.Our dashboard camera resistant to high and low temperatures (-4℉ to 140℉), safer to use, avoiding the problems of high temperature battery expansion and low temperature failure to start.
  • 🏅 { Exceptional Customer Service } COOAU dashcams offers professional and efficient customer service, including prompt email replies within 24 hours, worry-free returns within 30 days, 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support.
ARIFAYZ Dash Cam WiFi FHD 1080P Car Camera, Front Dash Camera for Cars, Mini Dashcams for Cars with Night Vision, 24 Hours Parking Mode, WDR, Loop Recording, G-sensor, APP, Support 128GB Max
  • 【FHD 1080P Dash Cam】Record high-definition 1920X1080P/30 fps video with a GC CMOS sensor, 150° wide-angle lens, and 6G lens, for clear license plates and road signs visibility day and night. This compact dash camera is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, providing vital accident evidence.
  • 【Built-in 2.4G WiFi & APP Control】Equipped with an APP for Android and iOS, this car camera offers live streaming, video downloading, settings adjustment, and editing. Easily share your footage on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media with a tap.
  • 【Compact & Super Easy to Install】With a sleek, compact design (Size: 3.5x1.8x1.4in), this dashcam takes up minimal space in your car, keeping your vision unobstructed. The included instructions make installation and setup simple, even for beginners.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Mode】This function requires a Mini USB hardwire kit (ASIN: B0BFFGCMDZ, not included). The dashcam automatically switches to parking mode when your car is parked, detecting collisions through impact or collision triggers. Time-lapse recording captures continuous footage with minimal power use, providing constant protection against hits and theft attempts.
  • 【Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor】New recordings will overwrite the oldest ones when the memory card is full. The G-sensor triggers upon detecting sudden shakes or collisions, locking the footage to ensure it isn’t overwritten, even with loop recording enabled.
Dash Cam Wi-Fi 2K Car Camera, Front Dash Camera for Cars, External GPS Module Support, Mini Dashcams with APP, 1.5'' IPS Screen, Super Night Vision, Loop Recording, 24H Parking Mode, G-Sensor
392 Customer Reviews
Dash Cam Wi-Fi 2K Car Camera, Front Dash Camera for Cars, External GPS Module Support, Mini Dashcams with APP, 1.5'' IPS Screen, Super Night Vision, Loop Recording, 24H Parking Mode, G-Sensor
  • ⏳【Elevate Dashcam Experience】Specially prepared optional 64GB SD card, suction cup mount, GPS module, and hardwire kit for your selection. (📧If you need, please reach out to us at our email ([email protected]) to learn how to get them. Deadline: Before Jun. 20th) . Our primary intention is to simplify your use of dash cam. 💟 Warm Tips: If you can't view Live View in APP, try disabling phone's cellular data. If you still can't access SD card videos, download videos to app's album for viewing
  • 📡【Built-in Wi-Fi & Customized Free APP】Effortlessly adjust settings, view live stream, and playback recorded footage on both dash cam and smartphone using the Avylet APP (No subscription fee). You can also download (without data) and instantly share (data required) videos and photos with your friends and family through popular social media platforms or messaging apps directly from Avylet app.💟 If you can't find Wi-Fi on your phone: Turn on dashcam WiFi, return to preview mode to save settings.
  • 🪂【2K Super Night Vision】The Avylet dash cam features 2K Super Night Vision with the High-performance chipset and a high-end sensor. It's equipped with an F1.6 aperture(Optimize light intake and minimize motion blur), 6-layer Glass Lens(Superior scratch resistance and high-temperature tolerance) and WDR Technology(Balance exposure and reduce glare, optimize contrast), ensuring clearer and more detailed video in low-light situations, effectively capturing road conditions.
  • 🛰️【External GPS Module】Support for an optional GPS module allows the dashcam to record your location (longitude and latitude), driving route, speed, and time in videos. This information is easily accessible when playing back videos on a PC, simplifying the process of providing vital footage for insurance claims. (The GPS module is not included, and to view GPS data in your videos, 💬 reach out to us to download the necessary player)
  • 📻【Genuine 2K & Wide 170° Front View】Offers enhanced clarity, making recordings clearer and allowing for better visibility of essential elements like license plates and road signs. With a 170° wide-angle lens, you can capture an expansive view of the road, effectively minimizing blind spots and providing a comprehensive recording of your surroundings while driving.
Dash Cam Front Rear 4K Built-in GPS 5GHz WiFi, 3.39’’ IPS Screen, Voice Control, Dual Dash Camera for Cars Free 64GB SD Card, Super Night Vision, 24H Parking Monitor, Supercapacitor, Type C, WDR
866 Customer Reviews
Dash Cam Front Rear 4K Built-in GPS 5GHz WiFi, 3.39’’ IPS Screen, Voice Control, Dual Dash Camera for Cars Free 64GB SD Card, Super Night Vision, 24H Parking Monitor, Supercapacitor, Type C, WDR
  • 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION DUAL LENS RECORDING: The FOCUWAY D2-Duo offers top-of-the-line HD lenses, capturing front camera footage in stunning 4K (3840*2160p) high resolution and rear camera footage in full HD 1080P. This enables you to capture every vital detail on the road, including vehicle number plates and road signs. The wide-angle lens covers three channels, providing you with an expansive field of view.
  • NEW 3.39” IPS DISPLAY & SMART VOICE CONTROL: Enjoy an enhanced live video preview or recorded video playback experience with the larger IPS HD screen that showcases richer colors and optimizes images, faithfully reproducing true scenes encountered on the road. Stay fully focused while driving with smart voice control, enabling hands-free control of your recorder. For instance, simply say "lock the video" if you want to lock the accident moment in front of your car.
  • FASTER 5GHZ WIFI & BUILT-IN GPS TRACKING: Experience faster and more efficient performance with cutting-edge 5GHz WiFi , surpassing traditional 2.4GHz WiFi. Effortlessly preview and download videos using the free app, and easily share your journeys with friends on social media. The built-in GPS records your vehicle speed, driving route, and real-time latitude and longitude. View real-time GPS logs on the app or play them back on your PC.
  • 24-HOUR PARKING MONITORING: Provides two parking modes: 1) collision detection mode - the dash cam automatically activates and records a 30-second emergency video when it detects a collision while parked, 2) time-lapse recording mode, where the dash cam continues recording even after the engine is off, operating with low power consumption. It compresses and saves long-term videos by capturing one frame per second. To utilize the parking mode feature, you will need the hardwire kit (B0BG5DM5CL).
  • SUPERB NIGHT VISION: The advanced STARVIS sensor significantly enhances dash camera's night vision capability. Combined with the improved f/1.5 large aperture lens and WDR/HDR technology, it ensures excellent visibility during night driving, especially when capturing license plate numbers under low-light conditions.
Dash Cam Front and Rear 2K+1080P, Free 64GB SD Card, Built-in WiFi, 4K Single Front Dash Camera for Cars, Car Camera, Dual Dashcams for Cars with Night Vision, 24 Hours Parking Monitor, Loop Recording
  • 💖💖【Enhanced Features Since December 12, 2023】1. Now includes a 64GB SD card! 2. Our dash cam's car charger now comes equipped with a USB port! Experience significant upgrades with our dash cam! If the dash cam you receive is without a memory card, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Keep in mind that orders placed before December 12, 2023, do not include a memory card. If you require one, please contact our customer service for help.
  • 【Dual Dash Cam: Front and Rear at 2K+1080P】Experience comprehensive coverage with this dual dash cam, capturing both the front (160°) and rear (150°) views at 2K 1440P and 1080P respectively, ensuring crystal-clear footage from every angle.
  • 【Front Car Camera: 4K Ultra HD 2160P】(Rear camera unplugging necessary) This standalone front dash cam records video in UHD 3840*2160P/30fps, ensuring clear details of license plates and road signs day and night. With advanced GC CMOS technology, a 160° wide-angle lens, and a 6G lens, it vividly captures driving moments, providing detailed evidence.
  • 【2.4G WiFi Integrated & APP Control】This sleek dashcam comes with an app for Android or iOS smartphones, facilitating live streaming, video downloads, settings alterations, and effortless footage editing. Share your memorable moments effortlessly on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or any preferred social media platform with a simple tap.
  • 【Compact and Effortless to Set Up】Featuring a mini and compact construction (Size: 3.7x1.8x1.4in), this covert camera seamlessly installs behind the rearview mirror, blending in discreetly and ensuring clear visibility while driving. Its installation and operation are straightforward, alleviating worries for even first-time users.


Discreet Dash CamEverything You Need to Be Discreet

Now you won’t have to worry anymore, especially if you’ve already had problems with another dash cam that wasn’t hidden like the new one you’re buying.

We know it’s a hassle to unmount and remount a dash cam every time you drive somewhere, so once you get your new dash cam, you’ll be glad that you don’t have to unmount your camera anymore.

Also, if you’re looking for a hidden dash cam front and rear, you might want to look at 3 channel dash cameras.

Or another good option for you – What’s the Best Smallest Dash Cam?

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